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My goal for offering this clinic after handing over my primary care Practice to another company was to offer services I could not in traditional primary care setting office due to various inherent administrative and insurance and financial barriers.

 Behavioral consultations with a dynamic visit and in depth standardized testing when indicated , detailed reports and open direct dialogue, including  developmental concerns, Autism,  Tantrums

unhurried visit duration  with time  to answer your concerns and questions rather than checkmarks in boxes for documentation

Ability to book your own visit even during evening hours.

All with affordable cost for my patients and sustainable for the practice.

You have your PCP for routine physicals , vaccinations, medication refills, specialist referrals with prior authorizations, ongoing disease management.

You have our Direct Pay Convenient Care pediatric clinic - when you need to have diagnostic evaluation for Autism or development and for dietary wellness consultation.

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Patient Testimonial

"Dr Tilak is a kind, compassionate and very thorough doctor. She takes her time to listen, treat and develop a care plan for every child. Very grateful for a doctor like her!"

Sam Mom of 2
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